Developing Self Esteem | Finding Your Worth

developing self esteem

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Developing Self Esteem – If You Are Struggling To Find Your Worth Then This Will Help

An article on developing self esteem from home business lifestyle consultant Mark Ford which looks at how you can develop as a person so that your self esteem levels soar to the highest levels possible.

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

It is a crying shame to see people with low confidence and a sense of no self worth which if left to fester can have a serious and detrimental effect on that person’s life forever.

That is why today I want to look at developing self esteem by concentrating on some simple exercises that can have a huge impact on your life both personally and professionally.

Self esteem stems from confidence so obviously there are two sides to the story. Low confidence levels will result in you having low self esteem and high confidence levels will lead to you having high self esteem, I know that sounds an obvious statement but unless someone tells you that, you may run the risk of not fully understanding and accepting it.

If you are currently down on your luck so to speak and feeling unworthy in many aspects of your life, then what I am going to share with you today will dramatically help you regain your confidence and ultimately set your self esteem levels at an all time high.

On the other hand, if you are already full of confidence then what I am going to share will help you keep those levels high so that complacency doesn’t rear its ugly head.

Having low self esteem and being low in confidence can hold you back from following and achieving the dreams that you have set out for yourself and those horrible feelings can stem from the fear of failing. The fear of failure is a natural reaction that everybody will encounter during their lives, so it is good to know that it is not exclusive to you, but sometimes it is easy to turn away from it and return to your comfort zone but the bi-product of doing that is that your confidence levels will stay the same unless you work on your self confidence and self esteem.

Once you start to take action you will then be able to overcome those fears and pursue the dreams that you have. One caveat on that though is that as a human being you will still have fears but with what I am going to share with you will have the strength to face them head on and beat them to come out the other side. I hope that that statement has already helped you to become more positive about growing as a person so let’s crack on and help you raise your self esteem levels right now.

developing self esteem
Developing Self Esteem | Finding Your Worth

Developing Self Esteem – How You Present Yourself

What you need to do is to stand in front of the mirror and look at how you appear to other people and ask yourself do you like what you see? Your self esteem levels will instantly increase if you take the time and effort to groom yourself.

Taking a shower, a long hot bath and having a shave can make a huge difference to how we feel and if you need to get your hair cut and restyled then go out and do it.

Then look at the clothes you wear, are they getting let’s say a little tired? If so, then go out and get some new threads. This doesn’t mean to say you need to go out and spend thousands, quite the opposite actually as you can get some nice clothes that will make you feel a million dollars without the price tag to match. By doing these two simple things will start to make you feel like a new you, trust me!

Developing Self Esteem – Have A Positive Outlook On Life

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I know sometimes it is hard to get positive about the world that we live in with all the bad news that we are fed by the worlds media but there is also a lot of good in the world in the grand scheme of things so try and concentrate more on this which will help you in your own little world.

So you need to always endeavour to think positively and kill any negative thoughts that you may have. Look at them as barriers which can be overcome and here is an example.

Say for arguments sake that you are training for a long distance run that is coming up in a few weeks’ time. You start to train and naturally it is hard at first, your body is reacting to something that is unfamiliar, so your brain will instantly start to tell you that it doesn’t like it and for you to stop. When this happens replace that negative thought and say to yourself that you can do it as there is only one mile left to run. This will give you the motivation to achieve and it will kill the negative thought.

Another example could be if you are unhappy at work and looking at starting your own business. Initially you may concentrate too much on the tasks you have to complete to build your business which could overwhelm you, here you need to focus on how much better your life will be by becoming your own boss compared to how you feel now.

As with these two examples, and anything else in life, the thing that compounds positive thinking is taking positive action. Just do it… This is one of the most important elements to developing self esteem because when you take action you learn things about what you are doing, about yourself and other people.

Your confidence levels will increase without doubt because you are proving to yourself that you can do things instead of talking yourself out of doing them by saying you can’t. You will soon start to see a significant difference in how you act when looking at things that must be done and how you talk to other people by coming across positive and authoritative.

When it comes to speaking make sure that you speak slowly as this shows confidence as opposed to someone who talks quickly as this shows a lack of confidence because they think that they don’t have much value to share and just want to get it out there and be done with.

Developing Self Esteem – Understanding Who You Are

We all like to think we know who we are but in reality, do we really? So what I would suggest is that you take some time and get to know yourself. To do this you need to listen to your thoughts and write them down in a book or as a computer document about the thoughts that you have about yourself.

The thoughts that you will have will be both positive and negative. Regarding the negative ones ask yourself why you have them and then turn them around into positive ones by thinking about your good points, what you can do well and all the things that you like.

Then think about the limitations that you have set yourself, are they justified or are they there because that is what you have allowed to be placed there in your mind. Then get your shovel out and start to dig as deep as you can to see if your limits can be pushed further, the result will be that you will gain more self confidence and esteem because of what you discover.

Developing Self Esteem – Creating The Best Version Of Yourself

Once you get a true understanding of who you are then you can create the best version of yourself. What I mean is that you will know what your true beliefs are, the principle and values that you stand for and the morals that you want to uphold. You will create your golden rules that you live by.

Another thing is to be a good person by being kind and generous to both yourself and others because this will improve your own self image and the image that other people see day to day.

Developing Self Esteem – Set Goals

goal setting tipsIt is important for you to set goals in life but there is a process to do this, whether it is for business or personal reasons. The way to do it is to look at the goal as a whole but not to focus on it as on project. What I mean is you must break it down into smaller goals which when achieved cumulatively result in the bigger goal being achieved.

The reason I say this is that it is much easier to achieve small goals rather than shooting for the moon from the outset. When you go for gold as such it puts pressure on you and the risk of failing increases, whereas setting small ones and then achieving them increases your confidence and self esteem.

Developing Self Esteem – Forming Habits

In many respects habits form from how we live our lives and you will have many that you don’t even realise you are doing. For this exercise I don’t want to concentrate on those, but I want you to form a new one, just one.

Just make it very small such as going for a 10-minute walk in the morning, or even having a glass of water in the morning to hydrate yourself. The choice is yours and then do it for thirty days without fail. Once you have completed it you will have such a great sense of achievement and created a new habit.

Developing Self Esteem – Educate Yourself

If there are areas of life that you want to know more about then empower yourself to learn about them. There are literally thousands of resources available to you and probably the best place to start is the internet. Also your local library is free so there is no excuse.

Then implement what you have learnt as I mentioned earlier. Taking action is the greatest thing to do to gain confidence and self esteem. Educating yourself may have been something that you have been thinking about, well it is time to stop procrastinating and get on with it.

What I have shared with you over the last few minutes helps you in developing self esteem and could be all you need to fulfil your potential and realise your dreams. Make sure you act upon what I have shared and let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below.

I wish you every success as you ‘love yourself’ and develop your self esteem.

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