Debbie Chatfield Testimonial

Debbie Chatfield | Artist and Art Tutor

Debbie Chatfield

Artist and Art Tutor From Paint With Debs

"I went to Mark two years ago to consult with him and enquire about moving my art business online. At the time he gave me a lot of professional advice that inspired me to build my skills.

With lockdown I made the final leap and went back to Mark for more advice. 

It's like having all the jigsaw pieces and being unsure how to put them together.  What Mark does is explain how pieces fit together.  He is full of business and marketing knowledge. He practices what he preaches, I have seen him live the lifestyle.

Recommendation from Debbie Chatfield

Debbie Chatfield

Thank you Mark, I’m now online with my own video courses and memberships.

I feel I wouldn’t have been here without your support, knowledge and encouragement.

For anyone thinking of it, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark to you for home business consultancy sessions."


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