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Understanding the psychology of a customer Part 2

An article from Matt Press, Splash Copywriters, about understanding the psychology of a customer – Part 2 – Understanding what motivates a customer. >>> View Part 1 Here <<<

matt press copywritingAnother interesting part of your business strategy should be examining the psychology of a consumer during their purchase journey. Having the ability to look at what people feel and think when they’re weighing up a purchase is extremely powerful.

Every paying customer goes down a particular journey, a purchase path. Sometimes the journey of developing from a lead into a paying customer is really quick, maybe when someone has had a great recommendation about your business and knows beforehand that they’re going to buy. In those situations, they’re only going to be put off by something going seriously wrong.

In the majority of other cases, though, the journey will be much longer. Some people need to hear your key messages several times in order to reaffirm what they subconsciously already know – that they’re interested in what you’re offering. With the website copy for your business, it’s worth noting that as humans, we find the uncertain surrounding products and services quite exciting.

Whilst consumers will crave certainty in some areas (reliable delivery, safe payment options), recent research indicates that uncertain benefits really motivate us. Diets are probably one of the best examples of this mindset. Because of our individuality and a bunch of other variables, there are no guarantees with any diet (even if you stick to them). But they’ll always be appealing. If a diet is branded attractively, the desire to give the next big fad a try ‘just in case’ can be enormous. It’s not a question of being deceitful – the results are quite tangible. It’s just that no diet creator can ever be 100% accurate with any prediction.

So, what can we learn from all this and what can we apply to our own businesses?

For starters, know that uncertainty also increases our enjoyment of something. That’s important to bear in mind when you’re writing content for your business products. Use emotive, exciting words that will contribute to creating a memorable, enjoyable experience for all your fans.

Also, we’re all motivated to get an uncertain reward, despite that sounding like a counter-intuitive attitude. You can leverage this tendency through your marketing in order to incentivize the behaviour of both your existing customers and any people interested in your offerings. This effect will be particularly strong for those of us who are more instinctive and impulsive. Capitilise by penning emotive, engaging copy.

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