Covid 19 Travel Restrictions | Is It Possible To Travel UK to Cyprus December 2020?

Covid 19 Travel Restrictions | Mark Ford

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Covid 19 Travel Restrictions Are Obviously Very Important To Protect Ourselves and Others From Catching The Virus But Will You Let Them Limit The Opportunity You Still Have To Travel If The Reason To Do So Is Equally As Important?

Covid 19 Travel Restrictions | Mark Ford
Mark Ford starts the journey from Stafford Train Station, UK to London, Euston wearing a Covid face mask.

That’s a great question Mark about covid 19 travel restrictions. Yes, maybe I do say to myself ‘I am not going to travel at all and wait for all this to be over’ because it is too dangerous to travel.

Okay, great… that view must be respected because each of us must make our own independent decisions on how we stand on this. For me, that is to be aware of the restrictions and my surroundings, ensure that I am safe and protected from the virus and don’t spread it to others.

By taking ‘negative’ tests before travel and observing all the Covid travel restrictions, observing social distancing, washing hands and face and following all the rules, this can be achieved. You can travel from the UK to Cyprus December 2020 if you are prepared to jump through all the hoops. Your ‘why’ just has to be big enough to motivate you to do it.

Not only that, what if the reason to travel is very important to you and not just about going on a holiday for a jolly? In my case, to attend an immigration meeting in Larnaca, Cyprus on the 15th December 2020 before the Brexit rules kick in on the 1st January 2021. Would you just do what is required? Don’t quit and always remember that rule!

Covid travel restrictions – What did you have to do Mark to travel and what about the day of travel?

I can only speak of the experience I have just had in travelling from Stafford, UK to Larnaca, Cyprus on the 6th December 2020 and you must carry out, as I did, your own independent research into the in’s and outs of doing this. For UK travellers the latest information on covid 19 travel restrictions and advice is posted on the UK Government website at this link.
If you are feeling that you won’t travel but you have a burning desire within you to travel, then I would invite you to be open to the possibility that you can still travel if the need to do so is strong enough and that you get out of your own way and just do it. We can then achieve something that perhaps our limiting beliefs tell us is not possible, when it is. We just have to do what is required, be realistic and accept it is what it is and just do it but above all else, be safe!

Well, what a day of travel it was and it was quite a challenge to do this with Covid, as you would expect. Here’s what I had to do to get to Cyprus on the 6th December 2020.

  • Pay a lot more > it was a lot more expensive due to not being able to get a direct flight to Larnaca and also £120 for a Covid test.
  • Pay for a negative Covid test > in my case travel 188 miles to get the Covid test done within 72 hours of travel to Cyprus.
  • Sign various locator forms online for entry into Greece and Athens. Make sure to do this within 24 hours of the flights.
  • Rather than take 4 to 5 hours, be prepared to travel for nearly 12 hours through Athens and not direct.
  • Travel 1st class from Stafford train station to London Euston, sitting at a table with no-one around me.
  • Travel from London, Euston on the London Underground to Tottenham Hale and then on another train to London Stansted.
  • Stay overnight at the Hilton Hotel, London Stansted in a Covid secure environment.
  • Get up at 4 a.m. for an early breakfast to get a flight from London Stansted to Athens International Airport.
  • Observe all the various covid restrictions and guidance within the hotel, airports, onboard flights and maintain distance from others.
  • Wear a face mask all the way from Stafford to Cyprus (nearly 12 hours).
  • Wait for 2.5 hours at Athens International Airport to get a connecting flight to Larnaca, Cyprus.
  • Go through arrivals at Athens International Airport, check back in, go back through security and get on a connecting flight to Cyprus.
  • Show the printed out locator forms and negative covid test at London Stansted, Athens International and Larnaca, Cyprus.
  • Arrive at Larnaca, Cyprus with some people being kept on the plane to have a Covid test on arrival and in my case to go through border control because I had a negative Covid test beforehand.

Wow Mark, was it worth it? It depends on your mindset around this. For me warmer weather than the colder days we have in December in the UK is much better. It also depends on the reason we are doing this, your why? If it is big enough we will jump through the hoops and do what is required and discover that travel is still possible, although very limited and more expensive. Just be safe, be aware, and wear a mask at all times and social distance. Everything is set up Covid friendly.

Why Mark? I also had to go home to Cyprus because I have now rented and sold my U.K. house on a rent to buy scheme. 2021 is to be full of travel and a multi centred life by working and playing from wherever I am in the world. And the biggest reason of all is to be at an immigration meeting to seek a permit to stay in Cyprus longer than the current 3 months that a UK passport allows. What is your reason?

Covid 19 Travel Restrictions Video – Travel to Cyprus 6th December 2020 | Covid Travel

It could all change for 2021 – you may wish to view this article to learn more about UK holidaymakers being barred from the European Union under Covid Rules after the 1st January 2021

Observe the covid 19 travel restrictions and safe travels everyone. Leave a comment below to continue the conversation and look after yourselves and your family.

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