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On this home business training courses page you will find listings of the various home business training courses that Mark Ford offers himself under his brand, Nice Money Publications.

Mark Ford has also 'tried and tested' many other online home business trainings offered by other Companies over the last 14 years. For your convenience, I have listed these on this page and from my experience these are the one's that I would recommend to you.

Where I have signed up to be an affiliate and you decide to buy into any of these through my links, I disclose to you that I will receive a commission from the particular Company concerned. See the affiliate disclosure (link at bottom of the page). I invite you to review the home business training courses below and then click through on the links provided to learn more and get started.

Home Business Training Courses From Mark Ford and Nice Money Publications

Welcome... there will be numerous lifestyle reasons why you are here today searching for a solution, for example how to regain more freedom in your life to do what you want, upskill your online marketing knowledge or learn new skills working from home. In all these cases starting a home business can be a viable option for you to consider and one where you will gain more freedom over how you use your time.

Okay, we have said that starting your own online business can help you regain your freedom and take your life back. Great, but where do you start? Well, just like when you were young and went to school, you need to invest into home business training courses. This is a great place to start because you can learn from those who have been there before you and who are successful home business owners.

If you take the time to view the listings below and click through you will be able to learn more about how the various online home business training courses can help you improve your lifestyle, scale an existing or new home business and how you can get started today.

May 2021 Featured Home Business Training Course

Digital Marketing Academy

To help you gain traction in your home business and learn more about online marketing, Mark Ford has published a digital marketing academy product website full of online training courses to do with 'all things' digital marketing.

Home Business Recommendations

View the latest home business recommendations covering various home business topics to help you succeed with an online business working from home. Updated on a regular basis, be sure to come back for the latest opportunities.

Home Business Lifestyle Newsletters

Every month Mark Ford publishes a home business lifestyle newsletter covering a wide range of home business topics. The latest publications that are live are, making a new start, affiliate marketing and email marketing.

Home Business Training Courses

I am ready to start a home business by investing in my ongoing education and improve my knowledge around building a home business. Visit the home business training course website to learn more about the training courses available.

Start Learning Home Business

I know what I am passionate about Mark and who I want to help by starting a home business. Visit the start learning home business website to study any topic, anytime. Choose from thousands of expert-led online training courses.

5 Minute WordPress Report

When starting out with a home business getting used to the technology can be a challenge. Setting up your business website and blog is one example, when you have not done it before.

Learn how to set up your WordPress blog in 5 minutes or less with this free report.

WordPress Video Tutorials

Over 50 WordPress Training Videos help you to transform your WordPress blog into a lean, mean, marketing machine!

"Get Access To The WordPress Tutorials With 6 Info Packed Modules, Resources, Special Offers and More..."

Your Blog Content Free Report

Discover how you can join the blogging revolution and uncover the winning formula to create successful home business blogs!


Your Blog Content

If you want to build your home business with organic traffic and learn about how to become an expert home business blogger, then this is for you.

Access pre-written content for your blog and training on how to drive free traffic to your blog content.

Service Levels From Mark Ford Include...

Home Business Training Services Offered by Other Companies

Top Online Business Training Recommendation

This is Mark Ford's top home business training and affiliate marketing recommendation

As a founder member of this online educational business and having joined the Company back on the 29th May 2011, I would highly recommend that you take a look at the business education, virtual and live events, coaching, mentorship and a top affiliate opportunity this Company is offering it's members.

It has also been a privilege since March 2015 to have been given the opportunity to work with this company on their team involved daily in the development, implementation and management of a Mastermind Experience program where individuals paid many thousands of dollars to be a member.

Over the last decade, my association with this company has given me the opportunity to live my life with purpose by loyally stepping up for others so that they are given inner peace.

In doing so I have been able to build a business around the things that matter most to me - my family, my friends, my Mentors Community, freedom and travel.

There's no better reward than helping people transform their lives with a digital education that is relevant to today's online world.

I retired from this at the end of June 2020 to re-focus on the development on my own brand, Nice Money Publications and to serve my own customer base.

Meet The Community

Make the rest of your life <> The best of your life <>

Free On Demand Workshop Series

launch online income streams

Stuart Ross, business associate and mentor to Mark Ford, offers you the opportunity to gain access to free on demand video workshops.

Service Levels From Companies Mark Ford Is Associated With...

Customer Support

Access to Customer Service

If you decide to buy into the products and services offered by the companies Mark Ford is associated with, Mark does not provide any direct customer support for these products and services. Customer support will only be provided by Mark Ford where you have made a purchase directly with him and not through an affiliate link.

The customer service will be provided by the particular company who is the supplier of the product or service you have purchased. Mark Ford may, however, receive an affiliate commission for the purchase and you are invited to view the affiliate disclosure at this link.

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