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Change Your Mindset – These Are The Signs That Tell You That Your Mindset Is Faulty And It Needs To Change – Is It Playing Tricks On You?

In this series of mindset articles home business lifestyle consultant Mark Ford shares the tell-tale signs that your mind may need an overhaul and why it may be time for you to change your mindset.

mark ford home business blogger
Mark Ford – Home Business Blogger

Today let’s talk about the signs to look for if you are worried that your mind may be playing tricks on you to the extent that you are constantly thinking negative thoughts. When this happens your judgement may become clouded which leads to making the wrong decisions, so you need to nip things in the bud and change your mindset to turn those negative thoughts into positive ones.

This is why I thought I would share with you some valuable insights to help you get back on track to become that positive person again.

Everyday you have thousands of pieces of information that enter you mind and it is your mindset that filters that information to determine how you receive it and then react to it. You do this by concentrating on the information that is most relevant which then leads you onto developing your beliefs and then these belief systems create your mindset.

At the end of the day you want to change your mindset in a positive way and here is how you may want to do it. A few tips for you!

I have already said that you receive thousands of snippets of information all the time but the first starting point to change your mindset is to focus on the good information that you receive. Now there are various ways to receive your information, some good and some not so.

Let’s start with the good way which does involve a bit of research to find the most credible sources in the field or niche you need help with. Once you have done this then read books, either physical or digital, then there are many different formats of information products such as audio and video, you can also attend seminars and conferences hosted by experts. The point I am trying to make here is getting expert information, it is obviously the best and what you should take notice of, other sources are quite frankly a waste of your time.

These other sources tend to be, for example, public groups, forums and social media open groups. The reason I say this is because you will get hundreds of people contributing and lots of varying opinions, so you don’t know which ones to take notice of. Each one will think that they are right and in reality, there is only a very small percentage of correct information being published.

When I want to know something then I will seek out an expert, will you?

change your mindset
Change Your Mindset

Change Your Mindset – Role Models & Beliefs

This leads me on nicely to the next point I want to share with you and that is role models. As I just said I like to take notice of experts and use them as role models. Model yourself on what they do and what they think but you must keep your own personality rather than try to become a mini-me of them. This applies to any situation that you may find yourself in, either personally or professionally. Copy and paste but with your own unique twist.

self beliefWe now move onto your own belief system. You will have beliefs, but you need to look at them to see if they are supporting you or in some ways hindering you. You may find that they are limiting your life, putting blocks in your way that don’t have to be there, so you may have to change your mindset to turn those beliefs around to gain a positive outcome.

The way to do this is to ask yourself the right questions of what you want to do in your life, where you want to go in respects of direction and is there anything that is standing in your way.

Then make clear supportive statements to turn those beliefs around.

Another way to change your mindset is to have a vision and set goals in life. Start with your vision to see where you want your life to head so you are clear in your mind. Then take that vision and break it down into goals to reach. This helps because you are setting up a system of mini goals, bite sized steps which are easier to achieve rather than looking at the bigger picture that can be overwhelming.

self worthHuman beings are complex creatures and that stems from the mindset we have. We are all guilty of focusing on the wrong areas of our lives and not on the positive things. Sometimes we get fixated on our worries and disappointments rather than what is going right for us. If this is you then you have a negative mindset and this needs to change.

Take a moment and look at the good things in your life and I am confident that there will be more than what you think and be grateful for those things to give you a more positive perspective on life. If you don’t do this then you will be permanently blind to them and run the severe risk of losing them altogether.

The next point I want to make is closely related to the last of focusing on the bad things. Failure is an ugly word and one that I really don’t like using but in reality, it happens to all of us at some point. Human nature is to focus too much on these failures, or as I like to say finding out how not do something and we don’t pay enough attention to the things that we excel at or we are victorious at.

Again if this is you then you have a negative outlook on life and when things do go your way you don’t know how to celebrate your victories. Celebrate your victories and your positive beliefs will come back in spades.

Change Your Mindset – Stop Complaining & Lower Your Expectations

Constantly complaining breeds negativity but for some people it seems that it’s their sole purpose in life. Most things that happen in life are simply out of your control and there is nothing that you can do about it.

Concentrate on the things that you can control and change them to your advantage, this leads to positivity rather than always being negative.

It is good to have high standards, but it can lead to setting your expectations way too high. When you do this, and other people don’t reach your level of expectation, it can result in you become very frustrated. Expectations play a huge part in our mindset and if you continually set them too high they become unrealistic, then what happens is that you will always feel unsatisfied. The answer is to set your expectations but just bring the level down a tad, so they are always met and you never become frustrated at people and the world In general.

It is great to have ambitions in life as it gives us motivation to fulfil them but sometimes it can be counter productive because we lose sight of what we already have in our lives. We may have desires to have expensive cars but in reality, they are just vehicles to get us from point A to point B and do the same job as a cheap and basic car. So if you have a car then have a reality check and be satisfied you have it because there are millions of people who can’t afford what you have. Make sure you have the right balance of ambition, satisfaction and gratitude.

It is very important that you have your own opinion, but you must accept that other people will have theirs too. If you find that you are constantly arguing with the people you are closest to then this could be a real sign that you need to change your mindset. Take a step back and consider their opinions instead of instantly disagreeing with them, value what they have to say instead of making it a war every time you speak to them. You can learn from each other to make all your lives that much better.

developing self esteem

Finally, you may have been on the wrong end of unfortunate events in your life and have the victim mentality. This can be very destructive as you will have the “always happens to me” thought processes which can develop the chip on your shoulder feeling. Feeling like this will never empower you to break free and try to build a better life for yourself and your loved ones. Rise up and reject this persona, think positive and create your magical life because at the end of the day you deserve it, you just need to believe and take action.

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As you can see if you want all the good things in life then you need to change your mindset. I hope what I have shared with you today has given you food for thought on how your mindset effects your day to day living and has shown you, with just some simple tweaks, how your life can improve.

I always appreciate feedback so if you have got a few moments please leave your comments below on what I have shared in this change your mindset article.

I wish you every success with changing your mindset in a way where you deem it to be necessary.

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