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Business Mindset – If You Want To Create A Successful Digital Business Then You Have To Think Like A Digital Entrepreneur. Here’s How!

An article from home business lifestyle consultant Mark Ford which looks at the mentality needed to become a successful digital entrepreneur and how to develop a business mindset to compete with and have an edge over your competitors.

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

In my time building and developing an internet based business I have Masterminded and consulted with literally hundreds of digital entrepreneurs who look to develop a business mindset to give them the best chance of success within today’s digital economy.

Success starts and finishes with what goes on in people’s minds. This is where the seed of an idea is born, and the mind controls the actions that need to be taken to achieve success. If you don’t have the right business mindset then you are setting yourself up to struggle right from the word go and you will find it hard to gather any momentum within your digital business.

On the other hand, if you have the right business mindset then quite simply the world is your oyster, opportunities are abundant and you have the best chance for success.

Saying that success doesn’t just happen, it takes self belief, hard work and a never say die attitude. So what I am going to offer to share with you in this article is to cover some fundamental things that you have to instil in yourself to develop a business mindset and then I will break down the stages you have to complete to create a digital business online and how to think to complete them.

Let’s first look at how your mind is going to work as you embark on this journey to digital entrepreneurship.

Business Mindset – Be Courageous & Have Belief

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone | Live A Bigger LifeYou must have the heart of a lion to become the king of the jungle. So you must be courageous to do courageous things when you start a digital business. You will have a comfort zone that you have lived your life within, your own bubble which protects you from things from the outside world. Well I am afraid that your bubble must be burst so that you can put your feet over the line and walk away from your comfort zone.

You will be venturing into the unknown, past any limits that you thought that you had. You must have the belief in what you are doing. Without belief you may as well put yourself back in reverse, walk back into your comfort zone and back in your bubble.

You must believe you can accomplish anything you put your mind to because you need to create success, it will not just happen and appear from fresh air. Once you believe in yourself you will also need to develop resilience because it won’t all be a bed of roses, challenges will be a plenty and you will suffer several knocks of varying strengths, but your belief is the thing that will pull you through in the end.

“I can’t do this” does not have any spare space in your mind. Think in a positive way!

positive mindset

Business Mindset – Vision & Goals

goal setting tips
Home Business Goals

You will by now have the courage and belief. You also need to develop a vision for where you want to take your business and your life. Ask yourself at what position you want to be in 12 months’ time, then 5 years from now and maybe 10 years from now. This will instantly give you a direction to follow and a great way to do this is visualise it on a white board.

Start with where you are now and then break it down into segments which reflect the timescales you have set out. If necessary place pictures of what you want, whether it is a car, house, family, holidays all the way up to your ideal life and day.

To accomplish this, you will then need to set definitive goals and they are not all monetary. An example would be that to have a digital business you will need to have a website, an online presence which must be in place for people to connect with you, so you must put in place deadlines for when it needs to be operational. This is just an example and not necessarily the first thing to think about, I will come onto this later.

Another goal would be that for you to buy your $50,000 car how much revenue would you need to generate to be able to buy it. I am sure you get the point.

Business Mindset – Get The Right People Around You

You will need a support network around you to make sure that you never feel alone. This may start with your nearest and dearest, but you must be clear with them what you are trying to do and the vision you have so they understand why you are taking these steps.

business mindset

You may also need to get professional help through business mentors, people who can unconditionally guide and advise you on what steps to take and when.

Business Mindset – Accept The Challenges & Take Risks

You are now ready to pull the trigger and accept the challenge. You are at the bottom of a mountain and the destination is the summit but to get there you will face challenges as business can throw you a curve ball at any time. You must accept this and embrace it.

Also you will need to take risks which can be very scary but if you are not prepared to take them then you will just stay in the position you are now. It is the old saying of “risk and reward”.

The risks can be high but so can the rewards!

Business Mindset – Show Gratitude

Everyday you must show gratitude. Gratitude can be shown in many ways. The first is to be alive and healthy, secondly you can be grateful that you are doing something that you want to do and that you love to do.

You may have come from a working environment that you absolutely hated so be grateful that you have emerged from that into an environment that you now control. There will be many people who must live their lives like you used to so that is something to think about, but you should never feel guilty because you have had the conviction to do something about it.

When you get your first sale it will be one of the best feelings you will experience so why not show your gratitude by personally contacting that person to say thank you. It will have a lasting impression on you and them.

Business Mindset – A Digital Business Blueprint

Now we have the fundamental mindset skills sets you need to have let’s look at the practical mindset needed to start a digital business. You may have an idea of a business to start but you need to think deeply about that.

The wrong mindset to have would be to just do it and here is why. Is there a demand for what you want to offer? Who will buy your products and services? How much will you charge and how will you fulfil orders?

You will need to do some in depth research to answer all these questions. This is how a professional business owner thinks, not an amateur hobbyist!

You will need a platform to run your online business and this means having a website. A business owner will investigate the best platforms to use to suit their needs, domain names and then they will look at their own skill sets to see if they can do it themselves, need to learn how or get someone else to do it for them.

One you have researched the ideas, validated them to go ahead, got your platform in place what next do you have to do?

Well, you will need something to sell, products and services to trade for other people’s money. An amateur would look at any old crappy product they could peddle just to make some money from. A business owner would be concentrating on brand and quality as they are putting their name behind it.

Here, research comes to the fore, you may be sourcing products wholesale or embarking on creating your own products which will need research and development, then testing and publishing. A business mindset would only carry on when satisfaction is met 100%.

Then you will need to know how to market products to customers looking for a solution that meets their needs. Someone with a business mindset would be ethical and use legitimate strategies to attract high quality people to their products and services. They understand that they have a reputation to uphold, any underhand tactics would become public knowledge and any credibility they had would be lost forever. They are only interested in building a solid, sustainable and long-term business that is based on their morals and values which results in creating trust to their customers.

People without a business mindset are just happy to make a quick buck, spam, solicit and pressure people into buying things that will provide no value to them. They have short term agendas, no values and will be here today and gone tomorrow without any consciousness. They provide no support or customer service and really don’t care about their reputation.

As you can see there are two ways to build a business online, but I am only interested in the professional way to do it. This is what I have been doing for several years now by leveraging an online business training platform who teach people the strategies, provide the mentoring to develop a business mindset and provide the resources to create a profitable online business.

If you are like me and you want to provide real value to society then I highly recommend you learn more about this digital business training platform and discover how it can help you start your digital entrepreneurship journey by clicking the banner below.

You need a business mindset to succeed online. This is not a game that you play, it is not a hobby to toy with, it is serious stuff and should be given the respect it deserves. Are you ready to become a professional digital entrepreneur? If yes, then please click the banner above!

I wish you every success with running your home business from anywhere in the world.

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