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Blog Writing Tips – How To Create Great Blog Content For Your Website and Audience

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

In this article, prolific home business lifestyle blogger, Mark Ford shares some valuable blog writing tips on how to create compelling blog content.

If you have followed me for some time you will know that blogging is a passion of mine and it has been the backbone that I have used to build my online business.

Blogging is incredibly powerful because individuals are constantly seeking solutions to problems that they are experiencing and they turn to the internet for help.

This is how you attract high quality people to your business by researching the content that your audience needs and then creating content that will provide the solutions.

The trouble is that people sometimes find it hard to create content so that is why I have decided to share with you some blog writing tips on what type of content to create and how to come up with blogging ideas to write about.

Also I will offer you free access to a blogging resource that I have created. This will help you understand the whole process on how to build profitable six figure blogs from the comfort of your own home.

Blog Writing Tips – 5 Ways To Create Great Blog Content

blog writing tips

Blog Writing Tips – Get Ideas By Reading

Sometimes if you are suffering from writers block then it will pay you to read industry publications. By doing this you will find out the latest things that are going on in your niche, new ideas that you may be able to adapt into a blog post for your audience and readers.

Also study the social media pages that you have subscribed to and look at the questions that people are asking. This could be the inspiration that you need to provide solutions in your blog posts.

Blog Writing Tips – Keep It Simple

When writing your posts it is advisable to keep it simple. Stick to the facts and leave all the fluff out. Some people think that you have to write 2000 – 3000 words to make a great blog post.

This is simply not true as you can make your point and give your solution in a lesser amount of words. You have to realise that people have busy lives and don’t want to spend too long reading a post so make sure that you concentrate on quality of content over quantity of content.

If you are intending to get your blog post ranked in the search engines my blog writing tip is to write around 1,500 words. Note, that there is no science to this and that this is just my opinion around it all and as I have said… “quality of content over quantity of content.”

Also write your post as you are writing to the person who is reading it. Make sure that you understand what they are going through as this will help you connect with them on a personal level.

Blog Writing Tips – What Are You Constantly Asked

Think about the questions that you get regularly asked. Each of these questions is a potential blog post and more importantly if someone is asking you about something then you can be sure that other people are thinking the same thing.

Look carefully at the question as you will be able to pick out the pain point and then focus on that to provide an answer to the question that has been posed.

Blog Writing Tips – What’s Going On In Your Business

If you have built up a readership on your blog then those people are interested in your business. So if you have some upcoming event or product launch then you can write a blog post about that.

Blog Writing Tips – 5 Tips for Writing An Awesome Blog Post

Courtesy of Neil Patel – How To Write Amazing Blog Posts Fast

Blog Writing Tips – Hire A Ghostwriter 

One other way to create great blog content is to get someone else to write it for you. You may want to take this course of action if you are simply too busy or don’t really like writing.

There are many freelancing websites where you will find highly qualified content writers. One blog writing tip is that when you have received your content you should always read through it and then personalise it to yourself. You become the editor and publisher, as opposed to the writer.

Blog Writing Tips – Your Blog Content

Your Blog Content is a resource that I have written that maps out the entire process on how to create six figure home business lifestyle blogs.

I will give you a blueprint to follow on how to set up your blog, which platform to use and what content you should be publishing on your website. I will also give you multiple ways to monetize your blog so that you will be able to make a full time living from sharing your content. Click on the image below to reserve your free copy.

Your Blog Content Blogging Report

Click here to reserve your free copy of Your Blog Content

I hope that the blog writing tips that I have shared with you will help you create some fantastic blog content. Don’t forget to grab you free copy of Your Blog Content by clicking the image above. Until the next time have a great day blogging!

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