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Blog Content Ideas – If You Are Struggling To Come Up With Ideas On What To Blog About Then This Article Will Help You!

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle ConsultantIn this article Mark Ford looks at the topic of blogging and specifically sharing some blog content ideas to help the newbie or experienced blogger come up with some great ideas for what to blog about.

Blogging is a powerful marketing strategy as every second of the day people from all around the world go online to access information to help them overcome a problem that they are experiencing. Why blogging is so powerful is because you as the blogger have the opportunity to provide incredible value to society by providing solutions to those problems.

This can never be underestimated because potentially you can change people lives through the value you provide. I am sure that you would agree that is pretty cool and it would give you great satisfaction to know that you have affected a persons life for the better!

This is all possible if you can create great content to publish onto your blog and within this article I am going to share with you some great blog content ideas to help you on those days where you need some inspiration.

So let’s look at content as it can come in many different formats. The first one is a text written blog just like the one you are reading now. When structuring your post you should always have an objective in mind, what points do you want to cover. View the image below to learn more about how to structure your blog post.

Blog Content Ideas | Blog Structure

Blog Content Ideas | Blog Structure
Blog Content Ideas | Blog Structure

Try to get in the mind of the person who is reading your post, why have they landed on your webpage and what problem do they have. Then address those pain points so they know you understand what they are going through so they feel a connection with you. Then lead them onto a solution which could be your own product or service or an affiliate offer. Talk to them within your writing as though you are speaking as a friend, add that personal element so they can see that you are a real person.

Your post should be keyword focused. Meaning you will need to do some keyword research to find out what problems people are suffering from and then compose your post around that keyword. Incorporate the keyword into your headlines and the body of your content but don’t stuff if full with the keyword. Your content has to make sense and be easy to read.

Also add images within the body of your content to break things up and make it more aesthetically pleasing and make sure that you name the image with the keyword that you are focusing on as this helps your search engine optimization ranking.

Blog Content Ideas – Video Blogging

Another great form of blog content is video. You will be able to get your point over more in a 2 minute video than a 700 word blog. Video is more engaging because the visitor can see you personally which is great to build a relationship or they can see your product or service in action to see how it works and can help them in their lives.

blog content ideas

You don’t need to make a Hollywood production, the more natural the video is the more effect it will have. Also try and keep it to 2 – 4 minutes long as people will get bored if you have videos of 5 minutes and over and are likely to click away.

Blog Content Ideas | What To Blog About Video

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Blog Content Ideas – Podcast

If you have your own podcast channel then posting your latest podcast is very effective. A podcast is an audio file that you can embed within your blog editor. Some people prefer to listen to content on the go and a podcast is very convenient for them if they have very busy lives. As with all the formats I have shared with you, make sure you are clear on the purpose of your podcast.

Blog Content Ideas – Images

The last of the blog content ideas I want to share with you is an image based post. The best way to do this is to post an infographic which highlights how your business can help that individual. There are software applications where you can create your own infographic but it may be easier to outsource this to a designer. If you go over to you will find very talented people who can do this for you and it won’t break the bank.

Blog Content Ideas – Your Blog Content

Your Blog Content is my very own publication and one I am very proud of. I am a very experienced blogger and I have had a lot of success with it. So what I have done is collate all my years of experience and success and I would like to share it with you today.

Your Blog Content is a blueprint to creating six figure home business blogs and in it I share with you many more strategies on how to create high quality content for your website. To get your free copy today please click on the image below, register your details and I will send it instantly to your inbox.

Your Blog Content | Free Blogging eBook


To come up with great blog content ideas is relatively easy as long as you know what you are trying to achieve with the content you publish. My Your Blog Content e-book will help you create and craft high quality blogs so make sure you download your copy today.

I wish you every success in your own home business blogging.

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