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Best Email Marketing Tips – Things You Need To Know To Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns Starting Today

mark ford's storyIn this article Mark Ford shares the best email marketing tips to enable you to create powerful and profitable email marketing campaigns for your online business working from home.

As long as you practice email marketing correctly it can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies within your arsenal.

Email marketing can also be looked upon as permission marketing because the people on your list have at some point subscribed to receive free offers or information relating to your business.

It is less intrusive because when they see your name as the sender they can make the decision whether to open your email or not. I am going to share with you, in my opinion, some of the best email marketing tips to ensure that your subscribers are pleased to receive emails from you and are eager to open them up to see what value you are giving to them.

Best Email Marketing Tips – Tips To Ensure That Your Email Marketing Campaigns Are Successful

best email marketing tips

Best Email Marketing Tips – 1. Email Marketing Strategy

They say that if you don’t formulate a plan then all you are doing is planning to fail. To be successful with email marketing you need to form an email marketing strategy to work with. Look at the messaging that you want to get across to your subscribers so that you can create a funnel that they go through to ultimately take the action of purchasing your products and services.

Best Email Marketing Tips – 2. Add Your Personality

Make sure that your personality comes across within your email copy. If your emails come across that they have been written by a robot then your subscribers will become bored and this will stop them from opening any of your emails. Remember that they are people so I would suggest that you speak to them as though you are talking to a friend so they get to know who you are.

Best Email Marketing Tips – 3. Short & Sweet

Don’t fill your emails with too much fluff. Make sure your message is clear and to the point and realize that people have very busy lives and don’t want to trawl through large blocks of text. However, long emails maybe necessary sometimes especially if you are broadcasting out a product offer.

Best Email Marketing Tips – 4. Quality & Not Quantity

I am sure that you get fed up if someone constantly bombards you with emails, especially if it is multiple times in a single day. This is the trap that you don’t want to fall into. I know how this makes me feel and so emailing multiple times in a day is to be avoided unless you are sharing webinar reminders.

There may be times where you send one email a day especially after the person has just subscribed. Many people have automated email follow up sequences which are activated as soon as someone enters their email address into an opt-in box. These usually last for 7 days which is fine but after that I would suggest that you broadcast to your list around 3 times week.

By doing this you are communicating with them to provide value but not spamming them, and they will appreciate you for this.

Best Email Marketing Tips – 5. Provide Value

Make sure that it is worth their time to open your email by providing them with value. Your emails should be informative and entertaining for them to read and don’t always have the objective to sell them something.

I would suggest the ratio should be around 1 in 5 to offer a promotion of your products and services. The rest should have the purpose of serving them in some way.

Best Email Marketing Tips – List Building For Profit

My business mentor Stuart Ross has created a report called List Building For Profit where he shares his email marketing strategy that generated over $480,000 in an 18 month timescale.

In the report he details everything step by step so you can copy the strategies and implement them into your own email marketing campaigns. For a limited time I can offer you free access to this report and you can reserve your copy by clicking the image below.

list building for profit special report

What I have shared with you today are some of the best email marketing tips for creating powerful email marketing campaigns. Also the List Building For Profit report will help your understand email marketing and how to structure your emails so make sure you download your free copy.

I wish you every success with your email marketing campaigns and in running your business online from anywhere in the world.

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