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Benefits Of A Home Based Business – Why The Cold, For Example The Beast From The East, Did Not Affect Me And Tie Me Down!

beast from the eastIn this article Mark Ford looks at the benefits of a home based business and specifically how when mother nature bares its teeth, as home business owners we can carry on as normal.

Are you fed up with the cold but you cannot escape the winter in the UK, or the cold weather anywhere else, because you are tied to one location? Yes… me too.. when Covid travel restrictions allow us, how good would it be just to jet off away from the cold and work digitally online from wherever you decide to go. I remember the Beast from the East in 2018 for example and flying off to warmer climates. 

mark ford in the carribean
Mark Ford in the Caribbean

Well, that was me as well and one benefit of a home based business is that we can work online from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. For example, sitting by a swimming pool under a parasol in a lovely sunny Caribbean location, or on the beach as I was above.

If you are fed up of being tied to one location and suffering the cold in the winter, then a home business lifestyle may just be for you. Okay, well yes that is interesting but what are the benefits of a home based business? Why should I be bothered?

Benefits of a home based business – there are many – one is to avoid the inclement weather!

Today I would like to talk about the benefits of a home based business, and how I was able to carry on with my daily routine of running my business whilst many others were forced to stay at home and potentially lose a lot of money due to inclement weather conditions in the UK.

I remember, some time back, when the United Kingdom was hit by a weather phenomenon called the “Beast From The East” which when first reported on the media instilled a sense of fear across the country.

A stratospheric weather system originating in the Pacific and colliding with cold air from Siberia was fast approaching the United Kingdom, it seemed that we were all doomed! People stored up their cupboards and prepared for the worst.

Sometimes the warnings are overhyped so that the authorities can cover themselves and say that they warned us. Not on this occasion though. The Beast From The East hit land and for many days it paralysed many parts of the United Kingdom. Anything from 8 inches to 2 feet of snow fell over our beautiful green country and it was a “whiteout” almost everywhere.

Roads were blocked and communities cut off for a number of days waiting for the snow to stop and the gale force winds to calm down. The traffic infrastructure suffered and many train and bus services were not able to operate and as for the roads, well good luck if you were able to dig your car out of the snowdrifts!

Millions of Brits were forced to stay at home as they simply could not get to work and this obviously had a huge impact on the individuals themselves along with the businesses that they work for. As for businesses, they couldn’t serve their customers which meant a drop in revenue and for the employees it resulted in a loss of wages depending on the terms of their contract of employment.

This may have resulted in the loss of hundreds of pounds which could be a big problem at the end of the month when your salary is paid into your bank account. Your mortgage and bills still have to be paid.

benefits of a home based business

Now as I am a home business owner the Beast From The East and the cold weather has no effect on me as my business is based on the internet. As the blizzards were sweeping past my window I was still able to operate as normal with my consultancy role within an online business educational organization as well as running other aspects of my online business which create multiple income streams. This is one of the many benefits of a home based business. Weather, what weather!

My income was not compromised and I was able to serve my clients so that they still received the value that I can offer. I also remember how the Beast from the East was followed up with another weather system in the United Kingdom called the “Pest From The West”, it is great how they come up with these names, and although it was not as severe as the previous storm it still brought an element of disruption and many people may found themselves in the same position as they were with the Beast from the East, but not me and the millions of other home business owners. We are still open for business. It allows us to ‘future proof’ ourselves.

Benefits of a home based business – it is internet based so it does not matter what the weather is doing outside and you can escape it to warmer climates!

Benefits of a home based business – work from home on the internet – a recommended solution for you to consider!

So if you are one of the millions of people who suffer when the weather strikes you may want to consider the option of escaping when you can to warmer climates and working from your ‘mobile’ home. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world there will be challenges from mother nature so what I have in mind will be a perfect solution for you.

Who is Mark Ford? Well, I loyally step up for others SO THAT they achieve inner peace. To achieve this I offer home business lifestyle consultancy services and the digital educational platform provided by the Six Figure Mentors is one such solution.

They specialise in helping people create profitable online businesses from scratch through their training and mentoring programs. They also offer a digital business system that you can leverage to learn how to earn multiple streams of income working form home and live a lifestyle of choice.

I can offer you today a free video training series which shows the processes you need to put in place to create a digital lifestyle business that has no boundaries or geographical constraints. To gain access to this exclusive training click on the image below.

Working from home when the outside world is suffering from mother nature is one of the biggest benefits of a home based business. Things may hit home to you at the end of the month when you look at your payslip so now is the time to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Benefits of Blogging Article from Mark Ford

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I wish you every success with your home business and when travel restrictions allow, being able to enjoy warmer climates as you work online. Just like I do now from Cyprus.

Living A Laptop Lifestyle | Cyprus | Mark Ford
Mark Ford – Laptop Lifestyle Cyprus

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