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Automated List Profits Review – Skeptical?

mark ford's storyI have to admit that I was a bit skeptical, due to the name of this product (Automated List Profits) since my experience with most things marked up with the words “Profits” and anything to do with “Automatic” have usually turned out to be a big waste of time for me.

However, as a product review writer, for the online marketing industry, professionalism requires that you approach every product with an open mind.

As it turned out this automated list profits product seemed to be cut from a different (and better) cloth than most automatic profiting systems, I’ve reviewed in the past.

Automated List Profits Features

automated list profits reviewLet me begin by detailing the automated list profits features of the products and summing up the benefits to the buyer and end user/recipient of the product.

Please Note: The Automated List Profits System and list building guide provides some top list building strategies and includes non transferable Private Label Rights to two brand new, unique, separate and complete report packages of equal value per month, covering popular Internet business related topics.

Each automated list building package includes a keyword and promotional pack.

The keyword list appears to be hand picked using an advanced keyword tool as the list closely resembled my own search generated through an account with

This list helps the buyer of this package target promotional material on the web very economically and efficiently.

This makes it easier for end users/recipients of the package to find these reports while searching organically for information related to the report’s topic.

This part of the package also includes keyword and topic related pre-written social media “blurbs”, for Facebook, Twitter and the like, which the buyer can then add manually to his or her social media accounts, via cut and paste or automatically, by preloading them into a drip feed marketing program. Recipients connected to the buyer’s social media will then see these “blurbs” which will entice them to visit the buyer’s squeeze page.

Here at the squeeze page portion of the packages… I should explain that each month the buyer gets two squeeze pages/thank you pages, which he or she can upload to their host in seconds. These two sets are professionally designed by a graphic designer to complement each report’s cover graphics and contain convincing pre-written professional copy and enticing bullet points, explaining these packages high proven rate of conversion.

Anyone who lands at one of these squeeze pages will find an enticing website created by a professional, who is apparently very passionate and informed on the topic they are interested in learning about, thus effecting instance trust factors leading to conversion.

After subscribing via the squeeze page, the buyer will be able to offer a short report covering a popular Internet business related topic. These reports are newly compiled each month, and cover topics with the most up-to-date research, and topic related developments.

Unlike offering old PLR as the “Gift” to new subscribers (as most marketers do) these packages offer the end recipient up-to-date actionable information that is both helpful and complete – yet leading… So the recipient wants more.

The recipient of this report then will get to learn something of value simply by subscribing however, each report will allude to the need to learn even more.

Follow-up is another unique facet of the automated list profits and list building package.

Each set includes a seven part pre-written autoresponder email series, containing customizable links pointing to lucrative offers.

Each series starts by thanking the subscriber for choosing this report and continues to offer additional advice to the recipient while making offers to popular pre-screened and handpicked products from the ClickBank market place. The recipient of this report and email series will obviously conclude that the author (which would be you if you were the buyer) is well informed on the topic and has their best interest in mind.

More than any other system out there, these packages seem to generate an instant trust factor for the author from the report phase, all the way through to the products picked for promotion in the follow up emails.

Due to the completeness of this package and its integration with pre-screened popular products from the Clickbank marketplace (one of the most trusted affiliate marketplaces on the web for guaranteed affiliate payments), this package is very good for making some true automatic list building profits.

Each element of these packages are fully editable and customizable. However, the premium graphics and top quality content needs little more than to add yourself as the author and to include your affiliate ID where appropriate in the content.

From the moment of purchase, to putting the reports up online to generate profits this package is organized so that an entrepreneur need only spend less than a half hour of preparation time to start making money and building their list size.

Every report topic, clearly answers the burning questions in the hottest sectors of Internet business, entrepreneurialism, and the popular work at home niche, creating a broad sales funnel over these related niches, which all require constant up-to-date and time sensitive information, ensuring you will always have customers willing to SPEND!

In my experience private label rights sold at comparable prices usually requires the buyer to spend hours if not days sifting through tons of material to find the quality products.

Often the private label rights, at other venues are woefully out of date and can be an embarrassment for anyone who promotes them.

Automated List Profits on the other hand is consistently relevant, accurate and something any entrepreneur would be proud to put their name on!

Your list will surely grow with happy and well informed subscribers buying products from you, again and again, using this Automated List Building and List Profit system!

See for yourself by clicking on the banner below…

Automated List Profits Review – List Building With Automated List Profits

I wish you every success in running your home business and profiting from your list building strategies.

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