Mark Ford

I am a former UK lawyer, member of the Law Society and a Senior Legal Adviser who served in various Law Courts within the United Kingdom. I am now of a 'certain age' with one son and three cats Jet, Snowy and Tiger. I have created a life of choice so that I am free to decide how to live my days and as a part of that I love to follow the England Cricket team around the world and watch international cricket whilst also taking in everything the country I have visited has to offer. Why do I do what I do? My purpose is to loyally step up for others SO THAT they are given inner peace. This purpose enables me to live my passion of stepping up for home business owners to help them start and build successful businesses online to generate them a full or part-time income to support their lifestyle. I am also the founder of Nice Money Publications, a UK Limited Company, providing home business consultancy services, worldwide online educational services and Information products to help you up skill and build your home business. Latest training courses at

psychology of success

What Is Success

What is success to you? – The way one person defines success can be very different to the person standing next to them, there are a number of factors that influence ones view of being successful and their idea of what it means to be successful will strongly relate to the things that they value the most in life.

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