Article Marketing – Why You Should Write Articles To Promote Your Business

article marketing with Mark Ford

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Article Marketing – Do You Want To Write Articles (Blog Posts) To Promote Your Business? No Financial Cost But It Takes Time!

mark ford, home business consultantArticle marketing is perhaps one of the most effective and valuable skills that you can possess in your home business ‘free marketing’ armoury. It costs a lot of time but not money and for me it feeds a creative mind. As a former lawyer writing has been bred into me and I enjoy it, which helps. Do you like to write?

Yes, then feed your writing passion and blog daily, provide informative articles for your audience, writing for them not you, cover a wide range of topics and most importantly syndicate it through various channels. This includes, amongst many others, article submission sites.Mark William Ford as Featured on Ezine Articles

There are some good article submission websites and directories out there. Ezine Articles is perhaps amongst the best, and this allows you to submit your article free of charge.

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Why Would You Want To Implement Article Marketing Into Your Home Business Marketing Strategy?

Put simply… you would want to write articles if you…

  • Need traffic to your website
  • Need new sales
  • Need to establish your brand

Writing articles can do all of these and more. You can get exposure for your web site, or the product / service you are promoting by writing articles.

Article Marketing – It Takes Time

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This will not happen overnight, but if you have no marketing budget then if you write one article a day the number of links you can build up for your site will grow steadily, and each one of those links helps you to become more visible on the internet, helping your potential customer base find you rather than your competitors.

Why go to the all the trouble of writing and submitting an article, well these are some of the benefits of submitting articles

  • Increased number of back-links to your website
  • You can target different keywords and key phrases
  • Get links back to your site from your article content
  • Authoritative back-links – establish yourself as an authority on your product or service
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Increase your search engine position

Article marketing with Mark Ford and Ezine Articles

Article Marketing – Why we need to Write and Submit Articles?

1. Free advertising

Promoting your website through article marketing by writing and submitting articles is the best way of creating more visibility for your website, product or service. It is free to do and all it takes is your time to write the article. How often do you get the chance to advertise your business free of charge and at such length?

2. It isn’t hard to write an article about something you know as well as your own business

Writing an article about your business is not that hard, after all you talk to your customers about your business every time you have a conversation with them, so why not make a few notes about these conversations and turn them it into an article.

3. Increase the links to your website

Once you have published your article you will immediately gain incoming links to your site making it more visible on the web and in search engines.

4. Establish yourself as an expert

Giving your opinion and views, especially when backed up by facts and figures sets you up as an expert in your field.

5. Articles last longer than adverts

Articles you have published in directories will be around for a long time, so an article you wrote two years ago comparing the pros and cons of various home business opportunities will still be driving traffic to your website today, tomorrow, next month, next year and beyond.

6. Multiple links from one article

Article marketing also encourage others to promote you and your website by using your article, including the link to your site, on their website, or blog. This is another way to increase traffic to your site.

And as I mentioned before, it’s free?

Article Marketing – Closing Remarks

Mark Ford is a home business lifestyle consultant who has written thousands of blog posts and articles connected to the home business industry. I wish you every success in running your home business and profiting from becoming an expert article marketer and using article marketing in your business.

If you visit this link you will discover a lot more article marketing and blogging tips published by Mark Ford.

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