Anita and Steve Richardson Testimonial

What realisations did you have from your Consultancy Session with Mark Ford?

Anita and Steve Richardson - United Kingdom

Anita and Steve Richardson | Live Your Life To The FullWe came to realise that we don't need to do everything on our own, and that we need to reach out for help and support.

After 26 years in business together literally doing everything ourselves, it has proved very difficult to open up and accept assistance from others. We know our strengths after coming through all of this and this will definitely help us when leading our own clients through their journeys.

We have also realized that we do have the knowledge and know how to run a digital business, something which we would never have thought we would say!

Embracing new skills has been challenging, but we can face so much head on now without fear. We know that we will never be faced with anything that we cannot do. The learning will continue and we know we will never know it all - but we will try our best to pass our knowledge on to as many people as possible, so that together we can change lives. Enjoyment is the name of the game otherwise it will become laborious.

What actions will you now take?

We will continue what we are doing. Our home business has really taken off since returning from a Mastermind Retreat. We know what it takes now to go from the beginning with all the fear and doubts into blossoming into people who fully believe this is all possible. With everything we have learned, we have many new skills that we can also put into place within our existing cat business, whether that be in the import side of things, or writing a book, or writing cat grooming courses. The list of possibilities is endless.

After being together for 28 years and self employed as a business couple throughout that, we have also considered relationship coaching after witnessing Tony Robbins training a couple on stage at a recent event we attended. Keeping an open mind to anything that may fall at our feet. We never have all the answers! We will continually strive to become better people through our own self development journeys.

Mark Ford - we would like to raise a glass of champers to you for helping and assisting us through thick and thin. You knew when to push us, you knew when to hold back and you also knew when to guide us to other mentors in different fields. We have certainly made a friend for life. We have loved being in your company throughout every session.

Anita and Steve Richardson | Live Your Life To The FullGod bless you Mark. Anita and Steve Richardson - Live Your Life To The Full

I was also delighted to receive an invitation from Anita and Steve Richardson to lead a blogging consultation and webinar back on the 19th January 2021, which I have pleasure in sharing below.

Blogging Consultation - Mark Ford

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