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Mark Ford, 
Nice Money Publications LogoHome Business Owner for over 24 years and Director and Founder of Nice Money Publications.

About Mark Ford - My Story

A warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting 'My Story' to learn more about Mark Ford, Home Business Consultant.

I have broken my story down into a series of articles and if you read the summaries below and click through, you will be able to learn more about Mark's early years and then how I went from a job in a legal office living pay check to pay check to breaking free and becoming a home business consultant, living life on my own terms replacing my former full time 'employed' income.

 Mark Ford’s Story - Part 1

Mark Ford gets back to what he loves to do, blog on a consistent basis and share with his readership all things about running a home business, self awareness, mindsets, personal and business growth and oh yes, let’s not forget… who is Mark Ford?

Mark Ford’s Story - Part 2

In this article Mark Ford continues his story by covering his long 29 year career in the legal system and law courts of the United Kingdom and what led him to one day quit his legal career to become a home business owner.

 Mark Ford’s Story - Part 3

An article sharing the experiences of being a home business owner, and taking a look at the various different business models that Mark Ford has developed.

Mark Ford’s Story - Part 4

Digital Experts Academy

In this article Mark Ford continues his story by delving deep into the lifestyle that he has created for himself through the flexibility of running a business from various worldwide locations.

 Mark Ford’s Story - Part 5

top home business recommendationHome business lifestyle consultant, Mark Ford, reveals his mission statement, his purpose and how he can help you create a bigger life for yourself with the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy.

Mark Ford’s Story - Visit Client Portal

home business lifestyle

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About.Me - Mark Ford

about Mark Ford

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 5 Things You Do Not Know About Mark Ford!

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant

A quick list of the five things that Mark Ford, home business consultant, would like to offer to share with you about his back story.

 Mark Ford's Video Story

Sharing a video with you to give you insight into Mark Ford's story...

  1. Update 1: References in the video to the Six Figure Mentors System.com can now be seen instead at the video series link here.
  2. Update 2: References in the video to Mark Fords Blog.com - this has now been replaced with the home business lifestyle blog on this website.

Feedback & Reviews​

What Mark's clients say...*While these testimonials reflect the real-life experiences of people who have used the products and/or services, they represent individual achievements, not guaranteed results. The effort you put in is what will make or break your particular success levels.*

Anita and Steve Richardson | Live Your Life To The Full

Mark Ford - we would like to raise a glass of champers to you for helping and assisting us through thick and thin. You knew when to push us, you knew when to hold back and you also knew when to guide us to other mentors in different fields.

Read Review Here.

Anita and Steve Richardson

Live Life To The Full.com

Andrew Mills

"Mark Ford is an inspirational leader in the Six Figure Mentors"

Watch the full video testimonial here...

Guy Morse-Brown - We have known and worked with Mark Ford on a number of projects and found him to be reliable, accessible and well informed. We think of him now as a friend and have found him to be one in deed as well as word. He is deeply interested in the outcome of his projects and ‘keeps his eye on the ball’.

Read the full testimonial here...

Peter Carrington-Porter

“The epitome of professionalism: efficiency personified”. That is how I would describe the services provided by Mark Ford.

Read the full testimonial here...

Debbie Chatfield | Artist and Art Tutor

Mark Ford - It's like having all the jigsaw pieces and being unsure how to put them together.  What Mark does is explain how pieces fit together.  He is full of business and marketing knowledge. He practices what he preaches, I have seen him live the lifestyle."

View the Full Testimonial Here

Debbie Chatfield

Artist and Art Tutor
Jon Watwood

Mark Ford - Thank you for all what you have done for me and the excellent training provided"

View the Video Presentation Here

Jon Watwood

Jon Watwood.com

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Mark, through Nice Money Publications Limited, offers consultancy and worldwide online educational services and information products to help you upskill, build your home business and achieve your goals.

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