7 Ways to Sabotage Your Online Success by TJ Philpott

Online Success by TJ Philpott

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Sabotage Your Online Success: Do Your Personal Habits Affect You Managing Your Time Effectively Because It Is Crucial That You Do?… Learn More…

TJ Philpott
TJ Philpott

by: TJ Philpott – For many achieving online success with any type of business can prove to be very difficult due to personal habits. It is important to realize that maintaining all the necessary functions to keep your business operating smoothly will be your personal responsibility. As an online business entrepreneur it will be rare to have a ‘staff’ to assist you on a daily basis therefore managing time efficiently is crucial!

Unfortunately many bring certain ‘bad habits’ to their businesses which ultimately can keep them from being successful. Here are 7 common behavioural habits that are your personal responsibility to modify as an online business entrepreneur if you expect to be successful on the internet!

Online Success 1: Analysis Paralysis

Knowledge is king and there is plenty to be had online however it is meant to be used and not to freeze you in your tracks! It is important to learn to take action with what you have learned and stop dissecting everything you come across. Is there better information you can use available? Probably but if you wait till you find it you will never take action! Your success as an online business entrepreneur is based upon accomplishments and not spending your time pondering the ‘what ifs’ of every situation.

Online Success 2: Procrastination

Becoming your own boss is great but remember for things to get done it will be in most cases your personal responsibility to see they get done! Remember, you most likely will not have a ‘support’ staff as an online business entrepreneur so you cannot afford to drag your feet, on anything!

Online Success 3: Making Decisions

Being your own boss means you will have to make decisions. Many people are not used to being in this position therefore they will naturally struggle with some of the decisions that will need to be made. Remember once again, in most cases entrepreneurs will not have many, if any, people to help them manage the business and decision making will be their personal responsibility. You must learn to digest the information in front of you, decide upon a direction, and take action!

Online Success 4: Lacking Follow-Thru

There will be occasions and plenty of them where intriguing ‘opportunities’ will present themselves. Many will prove useless while others may show greater promise for your business growth but in either case it will be up to you to check them out. Without further exploration or follow-up on your part you stand to miss out on opportunities for both business and personal growth as well!

Online Success 5: Using Research to ‘Avoid’ Tasks

Doing research will be needed and many times over it will be crucial but when doing so managing time will be important since it is way too easy to get ‘lost’ surfing. In fact many use this as a cleverly disguised way of avoiding certain tasks. Once again it is up to you alone to do what it takes to operate and grow whatever businesses you are involved in, so use your time productively!

Online Success: 6. Constant Project ‘Abandonment’

If you find yourself jumping from one unfinished project to the next you are either not managing time properly or you are chasing after too many opportunities. In either case you will have to change this pattern of behavior since if nothing is getting finished then it is fair to assume you are also ‘accomplishing’ nothing as well!

Online Success: 7. Consistently Inconsistent Effort

Congratulations, you are now in business for yourself and by yourself therefore the amount of effort you invest will be in direct relationship to the results you receive! If you are not willing or able to give it a consistent effort then you cannot expect much success. Something to think about!

Online success as a business entrepreneur is a realistic goal but in many cases certain behaviours need to be modified for this goal to be achieved! In fact it is often these ‘innocent’ habits that can lead to sabotaging your chances at being successful with your business!

In many instances managing time seems to be the primary culprit however people need to also recognize it is their personal responsibility to make the necessary adjustments!

Remember you are now the ‘boss’ therefore everything begins and ends with decisions and actions initiated by you! Are you up to the challenge? If so your success as an online business entrepreneur and financial independence awaits you right around the corner!

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