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4 Home Business Ideas That Made Millions…

An article from guest blog writer, Matt Press, Splash Copywriters, looking at 4 home business ideas that made millions. Are you worried that your idea is crazy?… read on.

matt press copywritingIf you are thinking of investing into your very own start up company but are worried that your home business ideas won’t hold water, perhaps you should read this article. You see, maybe yours isn’t that bad after all. Some of the wackiest and leftfield business ideas have gone on to earn millions and even more for their creators. Here we take a look at 4 products and services that could have gone belly down, luckily for their owners, they didn’t.

Million Dollar Homepage 

The cheek behind the idea that business owners would be interested in paying one dollar per pixel for advertising space on an online homepage was laughed out of the building. But for Alex Tew, it was far from just a whim. In fact he managed to be so successful that his idea raised him more than a million dollars in just a couple of months.  So don’t discount those out of the box ideas because they just might be the next big thing!

Laser Monks

Monks are not exactly known for their business acumen but that didn’t stop the holy order serving at Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Spring Bank trying their luck. Funds needed to be raised and one bright spark decided to create a startup company for selling new and recycled printer cartridges. Now earning the monks over $4 million per year, who would have thought that such an idea could have been so plausible?

Nasty Gal

Fans of Betty Davis will already have heard of the Nasty Gal term but Sophia Amoruso decided to adopt this for her clothing brand back in 2006. Using an eBay page and specialising in vintage clothing, Sophia used this as leverage into the competitive business before launching her own clothing line. The rest, as they say, is history because in 2012, Nasty Gal made pretty much $100 million!


If you thought the previous ideas were original, how about buying some shades for your pet dog? That’s right; Roni Di Lullo hatched a plan to develop sunglasses for her pooch when he noticed that he was sensitive to sunlight! The lucky mutt soon started to enjoy the benefit of the invention and pretty soon Roni created a web page to show off her new product. In 2012, Doggles made more than $2 million and if you like the idea, why not get yourself down to PetSmart or Amazon and buy a pair today?

Doggles ILS Dog Goggle sunglasses in Green Camo / Smoke Lens Large

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home business ideas
Home Business Ideas


These business ideas made their creators rich so the next time that you have an oddball lightbulb moment, don’t laugh it off until you’ve given it some oxygen. You could be looking at the next big thing!

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Thought for the day: 4 Home business ideas that made millions, what will be your home business idea?

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